General Appearance:         Compact, short coupled and well knit with an almost square outline.Firm condition,the profuse coat not disguising any lack of substance.


Characteristics:                  The German Spitz is intelligent,active and alert. It's buoyancy,independence and devotion to the family are breed characteristics.


Temperament:                    Happy,equable disposition, showing confidence, with no sign of nervousness or aggression.


Head And Skull:                  Medium large, broad and nearly flat skull when viewed from above and narrowing in a wedge shape to the nose. Stop moderately defined;

                                             muzzle approximately half length of head. Cheeks clean. Flews tight, no trace of lippiness.


Nose:                                    Black in black, white, black/white parti-colours, black/tan bi-colours. Self colour as compatible with coat colour in other colour varieties.

                                             Never parti-colour or pink.


Eyes:                                    Medium size, oval shaped and obliquely set. not too wide apart. Always dark with black rims in blacks,whites,black/white parti-colours,

                                                                   black/tan bi-colours. As dark as compatible with coat colour in other colour varieties. 


Ears:                                     Small, triangular and set rather high. Perfectly erect.


Mouth:                                  A perfect regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to jaws.

                                              Black lips in black, white ,black/white particolours, black/tan bi colours. Colour as compatible with coat colour in other colour varieties.


Neck:                                     Clean, moderately short and well set into the shoulders.


Forequarters:                       Moderately sloping shoulder; upper arm of sufficent length to ensure elbow is vertically belowpoint of withers. Moderate forechest.

                                              Elbows equidistant between ground and withers, turning neither in nor out. Well-boned,straight legs. Pasterns strong and flexible.


Body:                                    Length from point of shoulder to point of buttocks equal to height at withers; short, well developed loin. Moderate tuck-up.

                                              Well ribbed-up and rounded. Distance from brisket to ground not less than half the height from ground to withers. Top-line level.


Hindquaters:                        Moderate angulation with hocks moderately well let down. Neither cow hocked nor wide behind.


Feet:                                      Small, rounded, cat like,  with well arched toes.


Tail:                                       High set, curled right up from root, lying curled over back.


Gait/Movement:                  Moving without exaggeration from any angle. Straight coming and going. Viewed from side, effortless, brisk action, retaining topline.


Coat:                                     All colour varieties and markings acceptable. Butterfly pigment not permitted with any colour.


Sizes:                                    Height: Klein 23-29 cms (9-11.5 ins)

                                                           Mittel 30-38 cms (12-15ins)


Faults:                                   Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded

                                              in exact prportion to it's degree and it's effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Note:                                     Males animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.



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